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List of Availability

The apartments are available in the terms :

the one-bedroom apartments


the two-bedroom apartments

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Jul 21st Jul 25th
Jul 29th Jul 31st
Aug 2nd Aug 3rd
Aug 5th Aug 10th
Aug 13th no limit
Jul 21st Jul 24th
Aug 5th Aug 11th
Aug 21st Aug 29th
Aug 31st no limit

You can choice any days you wish to book from the terms above.

The stays usually begin and finish at noon. Depending on vacancies and reservations, most stays can be arranged for morning check-in and evening check-out with no fee more.

The list is updated at every change

Direct contact Prague: Machek, GSM: +420 603 416 668


Home:  +420 234 099 999
Mobile: +420 603 416 668

Michal Machek
Zahrebska 18
Prague 2 - Vinohrady
Czech Rep.

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Petr Souček,
Pierpaolo Padovano -
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